SWF Commercial Embroidery Machines

Stock #: N/A
Brand & Model: SWF/MAS-12
Manufacture #: N/A
Date of Manufacture: 2019
Number of Heads: 1 Head
Number of Needles: 12 Needles
Machine Dimensions: 34” x 32” x 30”
Flat Sewing Field: 14” x 9”
Cap Sewing Field: 14” x 3”
Power: 110v
Operation Box: LCD Full Color Touchscreen Panel
Design Input: USB
Design Memory: 4 Million Stitches
Max Speed: 1000 SPM
Machine Tables: Removable Tables
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Included Accessories

Tubular Round Frame (2PCS Per Head)

  • TRF 12 (4.25")
  • TRF 15 (5.4")
  • TRF 18 (6.6")

Tubular Square Frame (2PCS Per Head)

  • TSF-24x24 (8.9" x 8.9")
  • TSF-39x26 (14.7" x 9.4")
* Quick Change Cap System is Optional
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  • Limited Warranty
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