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The 1501T full-size single head is similar to our compact model but with a larger footprint and an adjustable table. This table makes it easier to embroider on heavier items such as Carhartt jackets, quilted jackets, draperies, leathers or other heavy, bulky materials. While this machine is considered a "full-size" single head, it is still a space saver compared to other brand machines in its class. As with all our SWF models, this machine is backed by an industry leading seven-year warranty. This is a powerful workhorse machine that can produce items with outstanding stitch quality and precision. Whether you are just starting out or are an established embroidery shop needing to add an extra machine, this full-size single head machine is an excellent choice for anyone in the industry. If you are new to embroidery, ask us about bundling this machine with our turn-key start up embroidery package that includes everything you need to start your new business!

Stock #: N/A
Brand & Model: SWF/E-T1501
Manufacture #: N/A
Date of Manufacture: 2019
Number of Heads: 1 Head
Number of Needles: 15 Needles
Machine Dimensions: 46.9" L x 43.8" W x 55.4" H
Flat Sewing Field: 520 x 360 mm / 20.47 x 14.17 inch
Cap Sewing Field: 360 x 75 mm / 14.17 x 2.95 inch
Power: 110v
Operation Box: LCD Full Color Panel
Design Input: USB
Design Memory: 4 Million Stitches
Max Speed: 1200 SPM
Machine Tables: Removable Tables

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Included Accessories

Quick Change Cap Frame Set

  • cap frames (3PCS)
  • cap frame drivers (1PCS)
  • cap frame holder (1PCS)

Tubular Round Frame (2PCS Per Head)

  • TRF 12 (4.25")
  • TRF 15 (5.4")
  • TRF 18 (6.6")

Tubular Square Frame (2PCS Per Head)

  • TSF-30x30 (12.3" x 12.3")
  • TSF-41x27 (16.7" x 10.9")

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  • On-Site Training
  • Limited Warranty
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