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Office Locations


RR 5 Box 1992
Patton, MO 63662
Office: 573-866-2171
Parts: 573-866-2191


9447 London Way #102
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Office: 909-476-7798
Parts: 573-866-2191


200 N 1st Street
Stroudsburg, PA
Office: 570-350-5539
Parts: 573-866-2191

Stitch It International Company Directory

Sales Representatives

Dennis Barrett
Midwest Sales Representative
(SWF Division)
1-573-866-3676 ext. 201
Barb Capote
East Coast Sales Representative
(SWF Division)
Todd Sommers
South Sales Representative
(SWF Division)
Alexia Boulet
Southeast Sales Representative
(SWF Division)
Jerry Reagan
South Central Sales Representative
(SWF Division)
Carter Hovis
West Coast Sales Representative
(SWF Division)
1-573-866-3676 ext. 216
Bryan McMinn
National Sales Representative
(Certified Used Embroidery Machines Division)
1-573-866-3676 ext. 209

Embroidery Machine Parts and Accessories

Dylan McMinn
Sii Store Manager
1-573-866-3676 ext. 210
Tyler Helm
South Sales Representative
Embroidery Supplies (
1-573-866-3676 ext. 219

Customer Support Team

Garrett McMinn
Support Specialist
1-573-866-3676 ext. 211
Used Machines
New Machines