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What makes our machines certified?

All of our machines are put through a lengthy 22-step certification process to ensure that the machines we sell and service are held to the highest expectation of quality. Our customers receive the best product that suits and helps grow their business. Keep reading to learn more about how we certify our machines.

We test all electronic and moving parts including pickers, main shaft, X/Y axis, and color change.
Every machine head is restored by aligning/centering and syncing machine heads together.
All internal parts including reciprocators and cams are inspected and replaced if needed.
Backed by our 90-Day electronic components warranty. We offer delivery, installation, and training.

Why buy a used embroidery machine from Stitch It International?

An embroidery machine is a big purchase for any company, large or small. So, it’s important to understand the condition of your investment. Stitch It International provides you with the quality of thoroughly inspected and certified machinery that your business deserves through our Certified Used Embroidery Machines division. With 28+ years in the embroidery industry, we can provide you with all the knowledge you need to purchase and maintain your embroidery machine with confidence and peace of mind.

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