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Even More Top Causes (and Solutions!) for Thread Breaks

Stitch It International - Monday, September 17, 2018
We have broken down a few more top reasons your thread breaks on your embroidery machine with quick solutions to save you from further headaches. Feel free to add more tips in the comment section below!


1. Needle is in backwards or the eye of the needle is not straight.
Solution: Orient the needle correctly.
2. The machine is threaded incorrectly.
Solution: Check the thread path for misguided thread.
3. Needle needs replacement.
Solution: Change the needle and continue stitching.
4. Very thin column stitching may cause thread breaks.
Solution: Increase the column width (pull compensation).
5. Stitches are too dense.
Solution: Change the density (stitch spacing) to lessen the number of stitches.
6. Tensions are too tight.
Solution: Perform a tension test on a swatch of the desired fabric.
7. Burrs or scratches on the needle plate, upper thread catcher (UTC) or hook.
Solution: Use a magnifying glass to examine the items and replace as needed.
8. Thread becomes brittle over time.
Solution: Replace the cone of thread.
9. Metallic thread can twist or kink during stitching.
Solution: Slow the machine speed and use a net designed to slide over the thread cones to allow for a smoother flow of thread from the cone.
10. Peripheral needle depth may be incorrect.
Solution: Check the needle depth.
11. Peripheral hook timing may be incorrect.
Solution: Check and adjust the hook timing.
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