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Quick Pointers for Hooping Caps and Garments

Stitch It International - Monday, August 13, 2018

When hooping a cap:

Remove any cardboard stiffener in the cap, you do not want to sew through this

Always use backing when embroidering for stability; tear-away backing is recommended for caps

If your design is stitched on the sides of the cap, ensure your backing extends past your sewing area

Check to see the cap sides are smooth and there is no bunching

Make sure the sweatband is out of the stitch area

If you are using a 270 wide cap frame, double-check that the “teeth” of the frame are gripping the seam of the bill

Verify that the cap frame itself is tight on the cap; if the cap frame is loose, adjust as necessary

Arrange so the clip handles are facing inward (if the clip handles are facing out, they may hit the pressure foot and damage the machine)


When hooping garments:

Double check that the stitching will be placed in the proper location. Two inches down from the seam may work on a child’s garment but may be unsuitable for an XL adult shirt

For consistent results and to speed up production, consider purchasing a hooping station such as the HoopMaster



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