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Guest Embroidery Instructor Spotlight: Bill Garvin from BG Tech Services

Stitch It International - Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We had the pleasure of hosting Bill Garvin at Stitch It International headquarters during one of his seminars for embroiderers. Both our staff and customers were able to sit in and soak up knowledge from the renowned expert. Bill has over 25 years in the embroidery industry and owns BG Tech Services. He has worked in every aspect of embroidery as an operator, digitizer, on technical, mechanical, electrical maintenance and repair.

Teaching embroidery was a natural transition for Bill after being in the industry for so long. He shares what he has learned over the years, from the production to service side, the trends, learning takeaways, everything from the good and bad.

Bill believes that anyone can learn embroidery and there is a simple concept to becoming a good embroiderer: education. This is the key to success no matter what machine, software and so on is being used. Bill’s approach is focusing on the fundamentals of embroidery and then building off of that. It’s what allows those that learn from him to take his teachings further and make it more impactful.

“I love educating and sharing my experience to help others. The best part of the embroidery industry is that it's always changing and keeping you entertained and engaged. It lets me keep teaching others and learn new things myself,” says Bill. He has developed a community within the embroidery market through his teachings.

Bill teaches his classes on SWF embroidery machines and his curriculum covers topics like proper embroidery supplies usage or mechanical maintenance and troubleshooting. He continues to take his expertise on the road and you can see him at various national industry trade shows and speaking engagements. Keep a lookout for more opportunities to learn from Bill as well as continuing to get more training on your machine.

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